Quinoa + Black Bean Salad



It’s whats for dinner! Thou shall not waste food! Quinoa + Black Bean Salad, sautéed.


Plantains stuffed w/Black bean salad



Plantains stuffed w/black bean salad. Posting soon! =D

Piñón for Dinner!


Piñón for Dinner!

Abundant throughout the year, plantains are to Puerto Rico, like oranges to Florida. Piñón is but one of the dishes prepared with our banana-sque friend. Sweet, roasted and full of savory fillings. A meal on its own, but really good with contrasting textures, such as crisp romaine lettuce and plum tomatoes. I can sleep now =)

Chocolate Pie



“No Miss Walters. That’s Miss Hilly’s special pie.” – Minny, The Help

Remedy for a rainy day: Coconut Oatmeal Cookies


Remedy for a rainy day: Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

While contemplating the shades of grey (not the book) in the sky, I suddenly urged for oatmeal cookies! Adding a bit of unsweetened shredded coconut did miracles Suddenly the day wasn’t so… dull. If you’d like the recipe, contact me via comment, Facebook, or whatever ;). It’s definitely a cure for the rainy-day blues.

Something is a’making, while the oven preps for baking!

Something is a'making, while the oven preps for baking!

¡Piñón! Perhaps the most common dish made from ripe plantains in the Caribbean, after amarillitos, fried cuts of mature plantains served as a sweet side dish. Piñón is like lasagna, but with layers of ripe plantains, and no tomato sauce. Usually the plantains are fried prior to layering, but I don’t want anything clogged-up, except my mouth with delicious food. =)

Hot Nights Merit Ice Cream!



It’s about 78 F in the western region of Puerto Rico, so ice cream is just what the drunk doctor ordered: Two flavors! Red velvet cake in lemon creme over a lusciously creamy amaretto ice cream. Any takers?