Quinoa + Black Bean Salad


It’s whats for dinner! Thou shall not waste food! Quinoa + Black Bean Salad, sautéed.


5 thoughts on “Quinoa + Black Bean Salad

  1. Love quinoa too! In fact, one of my daughters (age 8) walked in when I was looking at your picture and asked if WE could have THAT for dinner too! LOL! We’ll take a virtual bite ;) What is your recipe for black bean salad?

    • Haha, I’m glad you guys are taking a bite =D! It’s really cool that your kids are learning and appreciating good nutrition early on: props to mom and dad! ;-) As for the black bean salad recipe, you’ll find it in here, just omit the plantain stuff. The neat thing about salads, specially ones like that one, is that you can tune it up with what you have or prefer. I think the key is to keep the veggies the same size as the beans and season them well – it’ll make it harder (deliciously so) to skip the colorful veggies kids want to avoid, haha =D.

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